CNN: Wolf Blitzer Expired Food Sent To Haiti

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It is time for all of us in the diaspora to advocate on behalf of Haiti.

We must step up and fight against those chemical and expired food sent to those people in this moment of need. Haitian people are hungry due to this unprecedented disaster, but they are not like American Food Bank and Salvation Army's customers in the United States who keep receiving expired food for alimentary ration from these two companies.

Haitian people can read and they are not blind.

They denounced those expired biscuits sent to them and if that truck driver did not vacate his truck would be burned down. People keep denoucing disparate treatments between them and the mulashits or the mulasluts.

Beware, Haitian people are not blind...

Piere Sylvain, January 15 2010, 5:12 PM

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i think they got the expiration date confued with the package date, i dont think they would send expired food to anybody read more >
Mike, 16-Jan-10 11:07 am
Wow, didn't realize they were so elitist. Good bash at America, btw. Hey, how's those billions we sent you doing? I... read more >
Mark, 16-Jan-10 11:17 am
Well I guess their need is not as great as I was lead to belive. Expiration dates are as much about marketing as they... read more >
David, 28-Jan-10 7:27 pm
you're right! I don't think they will do it either, but what can you expect when your own governement treated you like... read more >
Damebochie, 29-Jan-10 12:01 am
The only reason the Haitian government treats Haitian like trash is because the Haitian people allow it. Whenever they... read more >
Zac, 29-Jan-10 7:29 am
Zac that's exaclty what I said and how I feel. I am living in the US proud to say that I am Haitian when my president... read more >
Damebochie, 29-Jan-10 10:14 am
bravo let go and do it. remimber not to treat your belove one as dummi or do not call them imbecile si yo ta fet yon... read more >
Umim, 29-Jan-10 1:25 pm
what??? I call a cat, a cat; a dog, a dog; an imbecile; an imbecile, an idiot; an idiot. As an Haitian who is... read more >
Damebochie, 29-Jan-10 4:25 pm
Damebochie, there's nothing wrong with that, you have every right to criticize the government. I have lived most of my... read more >
Zac, 29-Jan-10 6:07 pm
Damebochie, Welcome to the land of the incompetence and mediocrity. If you scroll the entire message board up and down... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-10 7:54 am


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