SPECIAL Prayer request For Haiti and Dominican Re

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To. 16 January 2010
All the pastors and evangelists and prayer partners
around the globe
SPECIAL Prayer request For Haiti and Dominican Republic
We at Online Fellowship are saying special prayers for the people of Haiti.

As well as for those who have family and friends there.

We also wanted to pass along this information in the event you are concerned with the whereabouts of loved ones.
If you have family in Haiti, the US Govt set up a number for you to call & they will help locate your family 888 407 4747. (I read somewhere that this number was for US Citizens who were living or visiting, not sure that it is really limited)
Brothers and Sisters I understand that many of us are facing hard times but this type of devastation calls for as many of us as possible to give what we can. If it is not financial perhaps you can start a food or clothing drive, or support one that is already in place.

Even if you can't give and know someone who has family in Haiti perhaps you can sit with them and offer Christian Support.

Incase you are unaware "
The magnitude-7.0 quake, the strongest ever recorded in the area, collapsed a hospital in a hillside district of Port-au-Prince, according to local media reports.

The presidential palace, buildings of the finance and public works ministries, the parliament building and a cathedral in Port-au-Prince were also damaged.

The earthquake struck at about 4:53 p.m. local time (2153 GMT) and was centered 15 km southwest of the capital city, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.
The quake was relative shallow with its focus at a depth of only 10 km, said the USGS. It said the earthquake was followed by a tsunami seven minutes later and two aftershocks of 5.9-and 5.5-degrees respectively.

Power supplies were cut off in affected areas and communications were interrupted."
If you, your church or you know of any organization who are sponsoring any type of relief aid, please leave your information in a comment.

God bless the people of Haiti, the UN workers that are unaccounted for, and all others affected by this tragedy!
Yours in Christ,
Online Fellowship Family
Please feel free to add the names of loved ones you would like to say a prayer for in the comments or leave a prayer.

The Caribbean island of Haiti is reeling after an earthquake caused devastation.

Please use the following prayer points:
• Pray for the people of Haiti as they deal with the aftermath of the earthquake, ask the Lord to comfort those who are injured and mourning.

• Pray for rescue efforts to find survivors trapped in destroyed buildings and for communication links and power supplies to be restored quickly.

• Pray for a swift and generous response from the international community to help this disaster-prone poor country.

• Pray for the safety and protection of Tearfund staff and partners based in Haiti and that they will be able to respond as effectively as possible.

• Pray for Haitians as they cope with the shock and aftermath of the earthquake.

• Pray for the injured, that they would receive the medical attention and assistance they need, and for God's comfort for those who have been bereaved.

• Pray for rescue efforts - that survivors are reached quickly and that communication and power lines are restored.

• Pray for the local church leaders and Christians as they minister and offer spiritual, physical and emotional help to their neighbours in need.
• Pray for the government and leadership in Haiti as they respond.

• Pray for the safety and protection of relief staff, rescue workers and aid agencies.

• Pray that the appeals for help and financial support will be met with a fast and generous response across the world.

• God Bless them all, the unfortunate people of Haiti.

Listening to the news I learned of the terrible devastation that has ripped the island nation apart, and has nearly destroyed Port au Prince.

• I pray that the Haitian people are able to somehow receive the help they need that would save lives because and earthquake has killed many thousands of people there.

• The citizens themselves are trying their best to lift near impossible heavy broken cement structures, bricks, and blocks off of injured and dying people.

There is a desperate need for heavy equipment that can do this in order to free survivors as well.
• Thousands of people are living on the streets because they are now homeless, and the air they breathe is filled with the suffocating smell of the now decaying dead.
• Many people at this time are injured and lie under cement blocks that are imprisoning them to and impending doom. I pray that God will save their dear lives because they need help desperately.

• From what I have learned, the world is trying to reach out to these people that are in desperate fear for their lives as they live in a confused way at this time. This hub was written on the fourteenth of January of the year 2010. This has been a horrible beginning of a New year for them.
• As events unfold, I will be hoping and praying that these unfortunate people in Haiti can somehow recover from the horrible damage that has been done to them. Much of their nice city of Port au Prince has been brought down to mere ruins.

I pray to God with all my heart that times will somehow prevail with some kind of wonderful hope and optimism for them for everything the people have lost.
• As I was searching the Internet for news regarding the event, I discovered a site called WORLD VISION.

Anyone who desires to help these people can do so by contacting WORLD VISION for the sake of earthquake relief of the Haitian people.

There are probably many other ways that Haiti can be helped as well that I know nothing about that exists on the Internet.

• In the news former President Bill Clinton is also doing his best to get help for the people of Haiti.

• Again, may God Bless the people of Haiti, and their dear and sweet families, men, women, and children to the open arms of our dear God in Heaven.

And may the spirits of angels somehow shield them in these times of lingering confusion, in their unsettled lives of sadness and doom, and somehow lift them to much better lives and times.

• And May our Lord in Heaven Bless everyone that cares about these unfortunate citizens of Haiti.

• OUR Prayers and Thoughts For The People of Haiti

Thank you very much for praying
Yours in Christ,

Pendem Daniel
P.O. Box. No.

HUBLI -580020.


EMAIL;- revpdaniel at yahoo.com

Rev Pendem Daniel, January 16 2010, 7:57 AM

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