I wish everybody stop talking shit and pray

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this is themoment as haitian we need to stop talking shit and think about what we are going to do next for our people.

we need to built a community on behalf of our brothers and sisters that is over there.

we need to start like all the american do prganisation that will favor our people.

do not see youself see the haitian people.

Let's help our neighbors that we contact in order to decrease the necessity to go for help in that moment.

I believe that western union send money for free and for those that come from the country side encourage them to live the area because they going to get sick more. I know some of you still can not get contact with your familly.

for thase of you pray them to go to the country side where you can easly get in contact with them. for me my familly that are hurt already receive madical care because i urge them to live p.au. prince right after I contact them I freely communicate with them that's my suggestion

Fa Ye, January 16 2010, 5:08 PM

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