Preval Political Manouvers Come to NOTHING.

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Preval the little Lavalas with the cunning of a fox. How does it feel to see your coup d'etat orchastrated against Michele Pierre-Louis and your political manouvers gain you NOTHING.

For faith is fickle one never knows what awaits him at the next corner.

You should remember this much if nothing else. We know you have a short attention span due to your natural cretinism.

But I bet this is a lesson you will never forget during the rest of the few years you have left. Haiti will be rebuilt by the Americans and the rest of the international community.

And there is nothing left for you to sell to foreigners.

And there is no more money for you to embezzle.

Bill Clinton is not letting you anywhere near this new money pouring in. You might as well resign so you can continue to drink your vodka in peace, or until your new wife get sick and tired of a sorry excuse for a human being as yourself.

With an incompetent man such as yourself, Haiti do not need anymore enemies.

For the past 50 years men like you without a vision have been Haiti's worst enemies.

You embezzed you killed and killed people for what?

For nothing! Most of the population still live in poverty, misery, nowhere near 21st century civilization level.

Since the end is near, I hope you rot in Hell.

Melissa, January 16 2010, 9:05 PM

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