We need to fight to generate our participation in Haiti...

Jean Pierre - January 16 2010, 11:12 PM

We need to fight to generate our participation in Haiti political system.

It's not going to be fun and sweet like honey.

Since in the 70's Haiti lost 90 percent of its brains ( that is when all the best of Haiti start to immigrate overseas, our teachers were sent to Africa.

Carpenters, Doctors,mechanics, Nurses and civil engineers to United States by an Agency founded for that purpose in the US Ambassy.

Papa doc also was the cause of the exodus, capital death was common in the same bloody palace that crumble now in rubble of sins.
(The first time i enter this bloody palace i was 17 and the scent of the base floor is different from the first floor i did not have a chance to go on the second floor).

Haiti will survive that's for sure.
The new palace will need newer brains.


All of us are Haitians

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