"By the way, the US has weather modification units" (Nadege)...

Tiba - January 17 2010, 12:55 PM

"By the way, the US has weather modification units" (Nadege).

Reading between the lines, you are saying basically that the United States has control over the weather.

The United States can manipulate the weather up or down using this weather modification unit, right?

But if that is so, where was that weather modification unit during Katrina and that earthquake that hit Carlifonia a few years ago, and all of those hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004-2005?

Nadege, are you insinuating that this earthquake was perhaps suposed to be a 5 point earthquake but the United States turned it to a category 7.0 through "modification" just so they can justify sending 12,000 troops to Haiti to occupy the country?

At the beginning of the year, January 3rd, to be more precised, I was on the phone talking with someone in Haiti.

He was telling me about a rumor that has been floating on the internet and in most Haitian mouths like a wilde fire. He told me that there is a plan in the works by the United States to create a Tsunami that is going to end the world as we know it in 2012.

He went on to tell me that after all set and done, the United States will then allow 2 million Haitians into the United States, and consequently the United States will get rid of the Haitian government and take over Haiti forever.

Well, I started laughing while trying to make sense of this moronic conspiracy theory.

It did not take no more than 5 seconds to realize that he was referring to the movie "2012" that came out too recently that shows the destruction of the world by the worst tsunami ever.

This show the correlation with your charge of United States having a "weather modification unit" crap. That is how some Haitians let paranoia and ignorance take over their judgment and common sense.

This is what happened to you when you don't take your medications as prescribed by your doctor knowing very well if you take more or less doses it will put you on a state of delusional, paranoia, and hallucination, but you don't care about that, and there it is!

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