Use this as spring board to save Haiti

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It is clear that Haiti cannot be a sovereign nation.

While using Quebec and other locales as an example - Haiti identity and culture can be maintained but this event should be seen as a opportunity for Haiti to move towards affiliation with the USA such as Guam or St Thomas now enjoys.

For over two centuries a sovereign Haiti has represented death and destruction and misery.

It is now time for Haitian leadership to do the right thing and beseech they USA to apply permanent protecterate status.

For the children.

One way to judge the USA stand on this is there is nothing they would wish less than this. Immediately allow a full and vital occupation of the US military of Haiti.

Insist on it. Work closely with Haitian-Americans to begin the steps to protecterate status.

It is not time for Haitian leaders to think of Haitians.

Enought blood! Enough tragedy!

Mac Robertson, January 18 2010, 7:02 PM

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