Nadege, I had vowed not to ever respond to your nonses again...

Tiba - January 19 2010, 6:39 AM


I had vowed not to ever respond to your nonses again, but I felt compelled to go against my own rule in order to save your brain from collapsing.

You said "BTW: Just because something is not on CNN does not mean it doesn't exist.


Nadege, Nadege, and Nadege! Why assuming that CNN is my source of information when your only source of information is Wikipedia?

Nadege, here's a little piece of information for you, even my little 5-year-old nephew knows that "Wikipedia" is not a reliable source for information.

Wikipedia is more like a well designed blog where anyone can posts whatever they want without any scientific fact findings to back it up. You and I can post whatever we want on wikipedia doesn't mean what we post is true or not.

In college/university, the first think a professor would tell you is to stay away from using wikipedia as a source of research to write any paper.

Some professors would even give you a big fat zero if wikipedia appears on the reference list. The good professors would probably call you aside and ask you to replace wikipedia source with a new peer-reviewed source.

I now see why you think the way you do because you get your information from the "hear-say" what we, Haitians, call "Teledjol."

If you want to convince me with your nonsense, give me some peer-reviewed Journal Articles that backs up your stupid nonsense paranoia conspiracy theories.

I hope you know what a "peer-reviewed Journal Article" is. God help us!

On the way home from work yesterday, I was listening Wandy on Air America AM radio commenting about this nonsense conspiracy theory that she said is all over the internet which claims that people having control to affect the weather.

You were in my mind the whole time I was listening to it and it all made sense to me where you got it from.

Nadege, like you told me "just because something is not on CNN does not mean it doesn't exist..."

Well learn this for as long as you live. Just because something is on the internet/wikipedia does not mean it really exists...

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All I did was show you the way. I provided you links...


opportunisme etasunien

Tout d abord, comme tout un chacun je suis touche par la tragedie du peuple haitien et j'ai fait plus que de verser...

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