You call that "Critical Thinking", I call it ignorance. You...

Jlh - January 19 2010, 9:08 AM

You call that "Critical Thinking", I call it ignorance.

You know nothing about this man and his family's struggle to adopt.

You don't know that these people are kind and unselfish people just trying anything to get their child to America.

Whether or not Shawn's pleadings are heard is irrelevant.

At least he is trying.

Have you been in his shoes, do you know him and his family?

I am guessing not, as you wouldn't be so quick to judge.

These people are so generous, and no, this will not affect whether they continue to go to Haiti and help in other ways. And yes, their adopting of this kid WILL help Haiti.

By raising him and helping him get an education and making something of himself, he is then able to go back to Haiti as an adult and give back to and help his country.

In the US, the possibilities are endless.

He could become a doctor and give these people the medical treatment they need. He could become a lawyer and help families like Shawn's to adopt witha faster and easier process.

He is not helping out the parents of this kid, because he lives in an orphanage, not his parents.

Next time, gather all the facts before you so ignorantly berate and judge people for doing great things.

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