You make absolutely no sense. What does me sitting in my home...

Nadege - January 19 2010, 10:44 AM

You make absolutely no sense.

What does me sitting in my home comfortably have to do with anything?

Let's stick to the topic here:

Earthquakes occur in every freggin' part of the world, and seldom do we see this type of catastrophe..

And countries that have went through this over the past years have been able to recover at least partially without the whole world having to go save them.

If Haiti was left alone, the country would NOT be in this predicament.

People would have still died, but not at this magnitude.

The country would have been more advanced, and the government and agencies would have been able to rescue at least some people.

If Haitians were interested in giving up their country, they would have already done so, since foreign intervention in Haiti has been increasing over the past few decades.

If something happens to your home, and others come to rescue you, do you want them to help you sincerely or try and take over your home?

There are nearly 10 million people in Haiti.


Despite the staggering death, millions, including many of my family members, are still calling Haiti home. If you want to be re-enslaved and recolonized, then good for you. But my people want to be free.

If you're so blind and ignorant to be able to see what I'm saying here, then I suggest you go educate yourself to understand how far foreign intervention in Haiti dates.

Some of you people on here are so blind and illogical.

This is absolutely amazing.

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So you are sitting confortably in you home while...


opportunisme etasunien

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