Well for one, Haitians have always eaten "ter" or whatever you...

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Well for one, Haitians have always eaten "ter" or whatever you call it. My mother use to always bring it from Haiti.

Back then, it was something she ate when she was pregnant She basically craved it, not because she was hungry.

Secondly, the foreign occupiers align with the Haitian elite to further oppress the black majority.

Who do you think helped the US / France / Canada get rid of Aristide?

No matter what anyone has to say about him, he was re-elected in 2000 with 92% of the vote.

Also, the Haitian elite does not control the world economy, therefore they are not directly responsible for famine in Haiti.

The main culprits are the IMF and World Bank.

What needs to happen is that the US/ France / Canada and the Haitian elite need to is stop overthrowing Haiti's democratically elected presidents

Also, the rebuilding of Haiti is not the responsibility of the US. They need to let Aristide go back to Haiti so he can rebuild his country.

In order to do this, all debt against Haiti must be canceled, pronto.

Haiti must be compensated for the justice against against the country.

And Preval the puppet needs to go to resign.

Nadege, January 19 2010, 11:48 AM

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Well for one, Haitians have always eaten "ter" or whatever you call it. My mother use to always bring it from Haiti... read more >
Nadege, 19-Jan-10 11:48 am
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Nadege, 19-Jan-10 3:44 pm
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Ajm, 19-Jan-10 3:54 pm
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