Haitians are unable to govern themselves. Look at their...

Vexed Haitian - January 19 2010, 1:18 PM

Haitians are unable to govern themselves.

Look at their constitution, it allows illiterate deputies and senators to fire a prime minister who refused to bribe them.

The democratically elected president you speak of was a priest who made a vow to be poor "Sallesien".

Whe he got exposed to women and money, he became a killer and a pervert.

Yes he was popular just like Ben Laden is popular.

Many haitians now claim the US is invading haiti, may I remind them the words of Jesse Helms " Haiti is not worth the life of on GI (soldier).

Haiti is just a shame to the region and must be addressed.

Haiti's moto over the years has not changed " spreading education is spreading revolts".

Haiti is the worse in this region regardless of who you wish to blame.

Clinton put his job at stake for Haiti in 1994. What we got a result, a drunkard who cannot help but be corrupt as president

Please let those who know what it is like to live in a civilised environment help Haiti.

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Ajm: As someone who follows Haitian affairs...


opportunisme etasunien

Tout d abord, comme tout un chacun je suis touche par la tragedie du peuple haitien et j'ai fait plus que de verser...

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