M I N U S A H Crimes In Haiti - UN Hellkeepers Must Leave

Nadege - January 19 2010, 8:01 PM

The UN hellkeepers in Haiti have done nothing but abuse young girls and open fire on innocent Haitians.

Many Haitians have been victims under the yoke of these so-called peacekeepers.

It does not take 5 years to "restore order" in Haiti.

They need to leave immediately.

Haiti is a sovereign nation.

Those who will provide aid to Haitians can do so without trying to interfere with the sovereignty of the nation.

Haiti has been repeatedly raped by these globalists, and now that it's in the international limelight, we must cease this opportunity to seek short-term aid especially from the anti-Haitian perpetrators, and fight for long-term justice.

Haiti cannot remain a welfare state for long. In fact, the so-called "aid" that has been pouring into Haiti for years hardly reaches the Haitian people.

If it did, then Haiti would not be in this predicament.

Besides, all it does is mask the injustice committed against the Haitian people by these globalists.

We cannot say Haiti is not capable of governing itself UNTIL Haiti is givnen a CHANCE to govern itself.

Haiti has suffered from too many foreign, imperialists interferences, and coups against democratically elected presidents, and installing of juntas and de facto thugs.

The wolves in sheep's clothing of the west who, for years have implemented Anti-Haitian legislation, should not seek to take away our independence.


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