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Mark - April 1 2007, 11:18 PM

Well said my friend, from time to time i read the Jamaican observer, a while back i was shocked to see that the Jamaicans were blaming Haitians as the cause of Malaria.

I can't tell you how angry i get when i see the Carribbean communtiy shunning Haiti.

At times I wonder whether it was a good decision for our country to join Caricom, i have yet to see Haiti gain anything from this institution.

The only way for us to end this endless abuse and slander from Caricom and the rest of the world is by developing a successful society.

I for one intend to do my part. I will go back to Haiti in the future and contribute to Haitian society.

It's ok that they reject us now, we haitians are a strong people we didn't get to become the first black republic by accident we fought for our freedom.

Soon Caricom will have to look toward the sky to look at us not down. I believe a day will come when the citizens of caricom will flock to Haiti for shelter only we won't mistreat them we'll show them the hospitality they never showed us.

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