Haitian Police Kill A Man For A Bag Of Rice

Haiti Police Brutality - January 22 2010, 10:16 AM

A Haitian survivor was executed at point blank range by Haitian police.

The CNN reporter was on the scene and they actually recorded the man dying in the street over a BAG OF RICE

A bag of rice...

The two Haitian policemen said they were looting, that's their excuse for shooting the two men in the back

The people who were there said there was no looting and the man who survived said the rice was given to them.

The Haitian people are hungry for food and water and now they are getting shot by their own police force for A BAG OF RICE!

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Life Sucks says...

Change must start now in Haiti A Police man shots a hungry man in the back what is the penalty for that? Will there be... more »