Well Jay I am pleased by what you just wrote here on this...

Avenger - January 22 2010, 4:29 PM

Well Jay I am pleased by what you just wrote here on this blog. I am wondering if I have not spoken to you somewhere or sometimes before.

Jay I was in Berlin and I went to Haiti recently to see how could I set up a Volkshochschule inJacmel damit I can help the people and I see those crapy and dirty Mulatoes-sh and Mula=slut and Jay believe me I could not understand a word they were saying in that broken french or creole frenchi..

and negroes things to move forward they were talking but like you say they feel intimidated by me but they feel some superior to the other darker skin haitians who unfortunately treat them also like so. Many atimes I had to tell them in Clinics or in some administration :Please please better, French is french and creole is creole, I just could not believe it. We need to pass this Mulatosh

Response to:

Mulattos aren't the problem in Haiti. Preval is dark...


Wyclef can Fool Haitians not IRS

Audit the SOB. this is the problem with haitians, they never fu**ing learn. they still dont freaking get it, why...

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