Thank you for your comment and its good to see this spirit of...

Earl Wheby Jr - January 23 2010, 1:01 AM

Thank you for your comment and its good to see this spirit of cooperation.

I agree there is an important role to play for the youth of Haiti and I also agree with the Haitian official who appeared on T.V. news other evening against all these Haitian children being taken out of the country to be adopted by people in U.S. and France, etc. and as he said it was destroying the future of Haiti and they wanted to try to get the Haitian kids back with their families.

Haiti is going through some very bad times now and it is important we all work together for the future of the country be us black, mulato or white.

The U.S. knows they are not wanted from military standpoint in Haiti and they have pushed that aspect off on U.N. and have concerned themselves with aid and I think Haiti should push them for everything you can get out of them including rebuilding Port-A-Prince with earthquake resistance buildings, etc. but my concern is for the future of Haiti after the aid people leave.

I want to thank you again for your positive comments.

My love for Haiti is admitedly not as a native citizen but as person who lived and worked there and knows the people and the past corrupt nature of the government as you have spoken about.

My own former boss Ernest Bennett and his daughter wife of Baby Doc were responsible for many of the past problems Baby Doc had so I have persnal knowledge of the problems you speak about from past administrations and I can understand the points you make concerning the present government.

I leave it up to concerned people like yourself to come up with additional ideas for the future of Haiti and maybe we can take sort of a "concerned people" approach towards coming up with the best policies for Haitis future.

Thank you again for your kind comments and spirit of cooperation.

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