Hello 1, as i said even though I read the article on yahoo...

Kevin - January 27 2010, 10:47 AM

Hello 1, as i said even though I read the article on yahoo which is a pretty reputable site. The geologist on the article used the word might be, he says Haiti might be sitting on an oil and gas reserve.

I find it suspicious that the US would be sending that many troops to Haiti just distribute food.

And everywhere I turn everyone is talking about helping Haiti.

Maybe it's because they know whatever money they give now is pocket change compare to what they will make in the future if indeed it is true that the country is sitting on oil.

I'm not the type to spread unfounded rumors but if this is true I will get to the bottom of. Not only would it be a guarantee that better days are ahead for Haiti.

It would also mean that we can switch from being the poorest to the richest nation in the Americas.

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Hi Kevin; my dad was working for a company that was...


Our Haiti might be sitting on lake of oil.

Recently, someone mention on this website that there was an oil reserve in Haiti. I didn't want to believe it at first...

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You are not wrong my friend the Haitian geologist...

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