Be Aware Haitians Most Dangerous Time in Our Lives

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Be Aware: by Vladimir L.

We Haitians are in the most dangerous time in our life.
We are in danger because we are now in the most vulnerable stage in our life. With a contingent of 20 thousand troops of all nations, all interests on our land, more than 800 NGOs and many other none registered organizations, clandestine alike, our citizens fed and treated by humanitarians of many of those NGOs and private citizens yet imbedded by many others with specific interests that threat our fitness and adaptation, there is no greater time for despair and sorrow, not only for the loss of our loved ones but most importantly for the restoration of our dignity and the right to choose our leaders, decide on our economic means to ensure our future, stage our vulnerability at its ugliest phase.

Many of us whom favor religion over our nation€ ¢â' '¹s law, friendship over integrity, money and fame over humanity, we have contributed to the loss cause of our nation, the legacies of our fore-fathers who bled so much to leave us this peace of land. Today, my fellow citizens, we are in a corner where blind folded, our citizens have nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep and nothing to say against any abuse because we all feel guilty of our present state of being and ashamed of our future.

We are far from understanding what€ ¢â' '¹s going on and even what our destiny entails.

As meetings are chip, many meet over our cause, many decisions, philosophies are being shared, big men in black suits with bag of dollars are waiting to buy in chip auction our homes and lands and impose rules and gated areas where none of our children will have the right to step without risking their lives.

These plans have accomplices of those who have no brain to think in this very time and those who see a friendship, fake it is for sure, they can not miss, and even those who expect a payment to a foreign account to put in use as they flee, the very things that cause our un-preparedness for natural disasters; and these very men or women now continue to hurt our life with their aggravating decisions.

We are living in the most dangerous time in our life because no one can predict the reaction of the mass when the sun rise and who will stop it at sun set. Countless lives are still being fragile as we morn the previous ones and many others risk the same destiny.

Our beloved land, fellow citizens, risk become the center of old disputes between powers, churches included, for natural goods that belong to us and our children or for fate of faith.

The risk we face equates those of the first owners of the land from which many of us descend, the Caribbean Indians.

Be aware that our own citizens risk to be manipulated over the simplest thing as food and made € ¢â' '¼Kobay€ ¢â' '½ for internal disputes and can be armed to fight, just as in some countries in Africa to extract resources for patrons.

As we were already divided, we are fragile.

Be aware of a new crusade, and be aware of a world conflict over our destiny.

Vladimir L. Source: HaitianConnextion

Maxo, January 28 2010, 6:09 PM

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