You are so correct that Haitians are in danger and if Mr...

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You are so correct that Haitians are in danger and if Mr. Preval does not step up to the table you will be at alost of your independence.

I pray to God this sorry ass you voted for can rise to his post as leader and Haiti will remain independent.

First, Mr. Preval needs to send all the help home, only Jamaica, United Nations, Cuba and Dominican need to be there.

The US troops and all the American charities need to leave as soon as possible.

China, France need to go home and whoever else has entered your country.

Send all the do good people home and reclaim your land. The airport need to be staff with Haiti citzens and you control it. The plane drop off their goods and leave.

Mr. Preval needs to request wood, cement, straw and the men of Haiti need to built board homes.

Jamaica has some excellent board home builders, so you need to work with the PRIME MININSTER OF JAMAICA with your rebuilding.

Thus, the home will get you through the rough times until the country gets stronger.

Haiti is not in the situation to be building fine structure homes, so board homes can be built in a few days and with all the men of Haiti you will be moving people into homes fast. If Jamaica sends in some of its builders, the men should be building 20 board homes a week. One room or two room board homes is all that is needed right now and they need to built a school with a straw ceiling.

Haiti does not need to look like ungly Dominican, with all the fancy condos they are trying to sell for American dollars to bring the rich and selfish to the land. Furthermore, you do not need your capitla anywhere near Dominican.

The people need to protest this action, since this is only another way of stealing your land. The folks want the Haiti capital near all the fancy homes in Dominican, so they can rule to lands.

Haiti people will be cleaning the toilets of the lazy, washing their clothes for pennies on the dollar.

They will live good lives and your people will watch.

America has a unbalanced system like this, with people of color having to pay thier dues to get a job and stress, fight and struggle to keep it. Trust me if you want to be happy, you better fight now before they gain control.

America destroys everything it touches and so you need to send them home first.

Sammy, January 29 2010, 8:57 AM

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