The Poet And The Philosopher Poet By L Desmoulins

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"The Poet and the Philosopher-Poet

What are you thinking?

The day he crowned me the King.
But you are nothing.

That's what residents sing!

Why you love lying?

Lying is a deception!
But I am not blind.

I deprive your perception?

Your pretty ego!
Lying is just amoral.

You all sound the same!
But the difference is the flame.

Each lie has its debt!
As a fly trapped in a web!
Your philosophy!
But they've got it for free.

Philosopher Poet!

Mister The Great Poet!

Your Ideology!

My philosophy?

Yes, mister The Great King.

Who am I ruling?

Us, The Tandems, the greatest.

What about the rest?


Lavaud Desmoulins, Philosopher-Poet 12/19/2006

The Dark Knight, January 29 2010, 10:07 AM

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