Zac that's exaclty what I said and how I feel. I am living in...

Damebochie - January 29 2010, 10:14 AM

Zac that's exaclty what I said and how I feel. I am living in the US proud to say that I am Haitian when my president is a joke. I am in Utah (a predominant white state) and I am ashamed.

I have never been so ashamed of my nationality until this quake.

I am a strong woman, intelligent, determined, beautiful, with a high self-esteem, and self-confidence.

But this just crushed me! No countries in the world will have any respect for you as a citizen with this kind of president-acting this way in the worst disaster his country has ever experienced.

I don't care about what Preval was doing before the quake, but in the moment after the quake the Haitian people needed Preval the most, or at least his voice to comfort them. nope, he walked down like a beaten dog claiming "His Palace has collapsed"(CNN interview with him 1 day after the quake).

We have intelligent Haitians around the world and none of them have never been elected as a president because half of the nation have no education whatsoever; so they always feel comfortable to elect an idiot like them giving the entire world the impression that Haitians, in general, are idiots, dumb etc. Like they said in Creole" Intelijan se vole." Yep in Haiti if you are intelligent, people think you are a thief.

How sad!
I think it's time for us who are educated to step forward and take the reign of the country.

I know a lot of us can. We need to start by educating people so they can make a better choice for the future of Haiti, our beloved country.

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