I do respect you opinion but I disagree with yoiu

Joe - April 9 2007, 11:36 AM

If u see what is going with Haitian state own business such as: Teleco, The General Hospital, EDH, they are there only to carry the names, but can't offer the service to the public.

My brother, I think we need private enterprise, the example is clear.

Take a look at Digicel, comcel, Haitel.

In less than 7 months, Digicel gives a way of communication to more than 1 millions Haitian.

Teleco was there before I was born, I'm now 30 years old, and Teleco can't even reach 70,ooo

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Le soleil reste notre meilleur ami Son utilisation...



J'ai lu toutes vos lignes et je constate que vous paraissez tres conscient et resolu d'oeuvrer dans le but de changer...

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