I fully agree with your comments on the urgency to set up a...

Denis Briffaud - January 31 2010, 9:12 AM

I fully agree with your comments on the urgency to set up a national family planning program part of the reconstruction package for Haiti.

This is the best way to guarantee a happier future for a nation who has already endured more than its share.

I hope the future government will be wise enough to keep the religious authorities under control so they do not interfere with their outdated moral values on birth control.

History proves that religions must be kept away from government affairs in general !

Other point: I think that the creole language should be discouraged and people should learn either french or english.

Although I am a french citizen, I prefer to see Haitians be better connected with the outside world thanks to the use of english rather than remain in isolation in creole.

In the past, creole helped different ethnies to live together like in Mauritius.

Haiti being mono-ethnic, there is no justification for the use of creole in 2010.


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