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Robert Magic - April 9 2007, 2:55 PM

Some people would pay the private sector
But, not a dime to the government
Through the years, the issue gets tougher
It's better to establish a new settlement

I really agree with your thinking
The conversation should keep on smoking
For the better of our lovely country
We need to change the face of Haiti

We need to treat this problem today
The government should use other way
Services, be cut if customers don't pay
The issue should be solved all the way.

Some people never pay for electricity
They don't even give anything yearly
The service is still available to all
the goverment projects just fall

It's the same for water and everything
The media should try to do something
Most businesses cannot be privatized
It won't be good for everybody's size

People should learn to cooperate
For the better of our nine states
The ones who own these businesses
They won't help the country in crises

Those are the reasons why
Government should try
To take over those corporations
In order to help the poor nation.

robert magic

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If u see what is going with Haitian state own...



J'ai lu toutes vos lignes et je constate que vous paraissez tres conscient et resolu d'oeuvrer dans le but de changer...

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