Ajmonegro, you're right about one thing I'm a young man in my...

Zac - February 1 2010, 2:05 PM

Ajmonegro, you're right about one thing I'm a young man in my twenties I take no prisoners.

Now I'm sure the Dominican Republic is used to dealing with the old relics of the Haitian government and the repugnant elites of Haitian society.

They tend to keep their mouth shut and say nothing about the way Haitians are treated in the Dominican Republic.

But there is a storm coming, it's coming in the form of young Haitians who were born in the diaspora or who left Haiti very young.

And know this, we are very committed to the plight the Haitians people Haiti.

And we will deal swiftly with everyone who is abusing our brothers and sisters whether it's the Haitian government, the repugnant Haitian elites or foreigners and including enemy number one the Dominican Republic.

You've been warned, get your affairs in order.

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Speaking the truth my dear you are funny. Quote...


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