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I agree with you, the Haitian government should provide for it's people and stop being thieves but you find theft in politics just about every where in every country.

there are countries in the world as wel that treat haitians bad and work them as slave, the Turks and Caicos Islands, The Bahamas, Dominica, etc but you see its no that those countries don't like haitians its jsut taht the majority of haitina come into the country illegally by boat and its a burden on the country to apprend the illigal haitians and pay their tickets as weel to send them back to their country, and also take in mind when immigation authorities apprehend the illegal haitians they must also feed them whislt their detained and that's also money and also money to pay staff to apprehend them and gaurd them whilst the yare detained and also transportation and that's a burden on other countries annual budget.

Like i have told yo before i don't hate haitians, my child mother is Haitian and she herself dont want to associate herself with her own people and she has said out of her own mouth that her people are difficult to deal with. I msut confess that what i liek about haitains are that they are patriots, hard workers and know how to save money and always wana set up busniess to improve themselves, on the contrast with Dominicans, We dominicans we love to party and drink and go out and enjoy ourselves, the Haitaisn wil lstay at home and save their money, we might spent a hunded bucks on a pair of sneakers but a haitian is gonna spend 20 bucks o na use sneaker and save the rest. the haitian is going to pretend to be broke and live cheap/frugile but in his bank account or under the mattress he is loaded with money.

But what i dont liek about Haitians and i will be honest they invade people's country unwelcome, not only Dominican Republic, but the bhamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands Dominica, St. Lucia etc. and have a bunch of babies and increase their ethnic and peopes country and try to take over as if its thier country, some of them are nasty and have hygiene problems, where the ylive they dirty up their suroundings and commit alot of crimes such as burglary and case hwta the police can not solve the crime because the culprit is in the country illegal (came by boat) and the finger prints and photo I.d is not in the police data base system.

Zac your people always saying taht we Dominicans don't liek haitains but when in fact haitaisn dont like us niether, they are always talking bad about dominicans but yet they eeep coming to the dominican republic to live and have babies.

the yare about a million haitians in teh dominican republic.

the hiatains always saying that santo domngo is theirs and other things but i personally belive haitians are jealous of teh dominican republic because its more richer, more developed, better education system, better road system, better infustructer, better airports, better schools ans university and better standard of living and living conditions.

not to talk bad about port au price because i have been there few years back, I stayed at Hotel Montana in 2004 but before the earthqauke port au prince was near way near santo domngo or santaigo.

we have subway train system and santo Domingo which y'all dont have so the facts are there tah twe are more develop and richer and y'all are jsut jeaolous and envious of us Dominicans.

we have some of the most beautiful women in the caribbean region as well and our tourism is amongst the highest in the caribbean region.

we also have the highest mountain teh caribbean region.

Pioc Duerte, matter of fact of fact santo Domngo was the firt city in the New world when Christopher columbus discovered the new world, we have the first university and oldest in the western hemisphere, and the first hospital, Zac all of that are facts.

i don't think you should only be mad at the the hitian government but at the french as well, they robbed and f*cked up Haiti and that's why it is how it is now. that slavery mentality.

Shelino, February 1 2010, 3:13 PM

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Shelinio, 31-Jan-10 1:17 pm
Shelino I don't mean to call you names. And you're right I do love my country and I know we Haitians are not perfect... read more >
Zac, 31-Jan-10 3:13 pm
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Ajmonegro, 1-Feb-10 12:24 pm
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Zac, 1-Feb-10 12:47 pm
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Ajmonegro, 1-Feb-10 1:08 pm
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Zac, 1-Feb-10 1:39 pm
Speaking the truth my dear you are funny. Quote "Because, if it is not your poor english you must be very stupid and... read more >
Ajmonegro, 1-Feb-10 1:51 pm
Ajmonegro, you're right about one thing I'm a young man in my twenties I take no prisoners. Now I'm sure the Dominican... read more >
Zac, 1-Feb-10 2:05 pm
Zack we have our own affairs to solve and your country is one of them, and as you said it will be treated swiftly too... read more >
Ajmonegro, 1-Feb-10 2:51 pm
I agree with you, the Haitian government should provide for it's people and stop being thieves but you find theft in... read more >
Shelino, 1-Feb-10 3:13 pm
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