How to help promoting le foot bol in haiti.

Dufort Laleau - April 10 2007, 2:29 AM

MR Prsident, Ithank you for taking the time of your busy schedule to read my letter.

Mr President, I know that Haiti has alot of probleme that one can not even imagine.

I also know Mr President that you are a mam of good heart, a mam who loves sport.

Mr President, we can start changing the negativity of our loving nation with the foot-ball.Mr President, soccer can help solve alot of problem in haiti, Mr Prsident one might say that we have no money, in reality Mr President that is not truth.

Something that I learn while growing up is that money does not give one idea .but a good can and will give one alot of money.For exemple Mr President, if you put a tax of two U.S dollards for every passinger that goes through the airport would bring a good amount of cash.and for every money transter you can charge 1% of tax and you use this fund stricly for the foot-ball, I Hati would be one ofthe top nation in soccer.

Ithink Mr President That we would have a very very very different country.

thank you
Please let me know what do you thing Mr Prsident

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