Haitians are not cursed and will never be cursed in a White...

Jean R. Montas - February 2 2010, 5:33 PM

Haitians are not cursed and will never be cursed in a White world.

Haitians are victims of racism of Whites and mulattoes.

The dark skinned people worldwide are suffering racism at the hands of Whites, mestizos, mulattoes, Asians and even light African northerners such as Eggypt, Syria, Morroco, Lybia and Saudi Arabian people.

Whites are the ones that promote discrimination against the black race and it has been reinforced by the lighter skin people.

If our society were like Dominican Republic we would not be treated in such a manner.

Our skin color is working against us, for Whites create a world for themselves and the lighter skin people as well. If we did not have mulattoes among us, we would not suffer White racism, for they are the ones that reinforce racism against us and the rest of the world is following them. If one does not know anything about racism, prejudices and discrimination one will say that it is a curse, but it is not a curse.

Whites and light skin people (mulattoes or mestizos) are the ones responsible for our misery, sufferings and discrimination too.

If the former mulatto president Petion as Mathieu stated it in his previous postings did not kill Dessalines one would not have discrimination anymore in Haiti.

Dessalines wanted land reforms as confiscated by the mulattoes and equitable distribution of Haiti's wealth to all, but Petion killed him by preventing him from doing so. We are not cursed, but we are cursed by Whites, mulattoes, mestizos and any light skin people...

We must fight hard to end mulattoes' racism in Haiti so we will not be cursed anymore.

Mulattoes' racism is poverty, corruption, kidnapping, lies, theft, political executions of their opponents and full control over all Haitian public institutions as chefs de services, chefs personnels, chefs de comptables, administrateurs and directeurs i.e. they are the CEOs of our public administration...


white haitian leader says haitians are cursed

white haitian leader says all africans are cursed, especially in haiti. youtube.com

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