Good morning Mathieu, oops my bad, I meant to say Jean R...

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Good morning Mathieu, oops my bad, I meant to say Jean R. Montas.

Mathieu my good friend after reading all your comments I can tell that you're a very passionate man but your passion is misplaced.

I agree Haiti is not cursed and the country is certainly not doomed to fail as some religious zealot would have us believe.

You first said Haiti was not cursed but at the end you said "We must fight hard to end mulattoes' racism in Haiti so we will not be cursed anymore." In other words, you are agreeing with those religious zealots who say Haiti is cursed.

You need to be a little more steadfast.

Like I said the other day in one of my many counterarguments to your nonsense.

In case you forget you were calling yourself Patrick S. at the time. Anyone who is truly aware of the economic situation in Haiti knows that it is true that there is a small group of mulattoes and whites that have a monopoly over the Haitian economy and they make it almost impossible for anyone break into the market.

I listed their names previously, it's unnecessary to do it again.

These people are cutthroat, ruthless and will go to any length to crush the competition.

Trust me I know. Yes their selfish economic and business practices have contributed substantially to the poverty and misery that exist in Haiti.

Yes, the majority is racist.

They still see themselves as first class citizens, above regular black folks like they did during colonial times.

So yes in that sense you are right, and we need to address and resolve that particular issue.

However Mathieu you cannot allow hatred to blind you, if you really care about Haiti and want things to change you must address the other problems like: political corruptions, incompetence of our elected officials and foreigners meddling in our affairs, to name a few...

After much deliberation I have concluded that you do have something personal against the Haitian mulatto.

Why else would you be using different names day after day to vent your grievances.

You probably have a good reason to hate them (lol).

Truth is, one will always find a good legitimate reason to hate. They (the mulattoes) can be quite detestable; I know that. But my dear brother listen to reason let's put your passion to good use, let's address all the problems.

Let's not just focus on one issue and conveniently ignore the rest. Now is the time for us to be honest with ourselves, now is the time to put everything on the table.

Let's address racism, unfair business practices but let us also address political corruption.

Let's address the fact that every time a leader gets elected he starts cutting deals with the corrupted elite and completely turns his back on the people that elect him. Let's address the fact that Haitians continually elect leaders who don't know how to govern.

Being a president is not easy, you cannot elect just anybody or else they will fail.

Mathieu, Patrick S, Tiroug, Dejoie L. Blain Xavier, Pierre Andre, Jean R Montas which ever one of these names you prefer, Haiti is at a crossroad and She needs her children to fight and save her. You sound like a great fighter but don't allow pettiness and hatred to blind you. Let's address all the issues.

The other day you said if I was in Preval's position I would do worst because Haitian politic is predatory.

You are both right and wrong.

You are right in the sense that Haitian politic is truly predatory.

And you are wrong that I would have done worst.

You see I would have never been in Preval's shoes with his poor little hands tied behind his back. Because a man has to be smart in life; before you accept any proposition you need to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. A person needs to have intelligence and a great character.

There's some propositions that you just have to run from. Money and power are not all there is to life.

You see Preval is incompetent, he's aloof and insouciant when you couple these traits with his hands being tied behind his back. My friend that is the perfect recipe for disaster and failure.

I've said a lot; for Haiti to change we definitely need to end the monopoly the small elite has over the Haitian economy, we need to educate our people and above all we need to hold our political leaders accountable.

And stop electing people who don't know how to do the job.

One last thing you said previously that Preval came from nothing, that's not true. You should do a little more research on the man you're defending.

Preval came from a very well off family.

And I Mister Zacharie know that too.

Zac, February 3 2010, 9:40 AM

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