Haitians Help one another. What have you?

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Montresor has made an extreme sacrifice for country and yes we should help him.

I am Andre a proud supporter of Montresor 2011,
Him and I have been in touch and spoke by phone on different occasions about the situations in Haiti, and it is obvious to notice the grieving out of Montresor's voice for the Haitian people.

With his permission I come to find out this and I think you all should know that Montresor has risked it all in order to help and communicate his message to us Haitians in Haiti and across the world.

My understanding of this man is that he is not pursuing to help Haiti for personal gain or to say it right "wealth and fame"

During my conversation with Montresor I came to find out that his company assets was worth $1.5 million dollars on paper and this did not included his personal assets, and all of these were there before he got started preparing to run for president of Haiti.

Montresor explained to me that he is now worth below of a quarter million in assets and has obtained many small loans to pay for much of his political expenses not to include that he has since sold his family home and liquidated all of his personal assets to pay people who have worked for him on behalf of Haiti.

The saddest story about this is when he told me about the possible lost of the monumental Haitian flag inside the house trailer that he proudly spent so much energy, money and time to build that is now impounded due to a blowup flat tire on his way back from Chicago.

He said he had pulled it in to a safe parking were he had asked the attendant for permission to leave it there until I could come back with a new ram and tire to fix it because I only have enough money left to pay for gas and nothing else at the time; the attendant said yes but later that week attendant called the impound and had it towed without notice.

And when I called the Impound the impounder got very angry and then said that he has buyers who want to buy the monument but the sad thing is Montresor said he doesn't have the funds to get it out from the impound and the impounder charges a daily fee that is already up to over $1200.00 dollars.

So I asked Montresor were are the Haitians and why they are not helping the cause?

His response was simply he just didn't want to burden the people anymore than they were. He said that they just had a major catastrophy and he didn't feel like he could ask for money.

Come on you guys a thousand dollars is not that much. I can't do it alone, because I have kids to feed, and bills to pay. Let's come together and do this, or I guess we should say to Haiti "forget it" because the foreigners will take care of you instead of your Sons and Daughters...


What Have You Done, February 3 2010, 3:47 PM

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