Do not be discouraged at all Lynda, we have a machismo society...

Mathieu Derisse - February 4 2010, 2:57 PM

Do not be discouraged at all Lynda, we have a machismo society to bring dowm for the full respect and good treatments of women in our society.

I educate myself in that and I know how to bring reforms within our society to empower women to live a better life with dignity.

The machismo culture with male's superiority over women is rooted in the teachings of the churches and in all our institutions.

Who gives males power to dominate over women?

They will say God, but the bible was not written by women meaning by that God is a male. We will destroy such a mentality and males will know how to respect females, for they never give birth to other humans.

I spent my entire life studying this machismo society and I will bring it down and women will be revered and respected as well. Please do not be discouraged and just have faith and hope, for the change is underway...

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