haiti b smart jaimaca don't want us 2 have tourist

New Kid On The Block - April 12 2007, 4:50 PM

Watch out!!!!! we, haitian has to understand that no country in the caribbean would like to see the tourist industry developped in haiti WHY?

if haitian tourist is developped a lot of tourist will not go to jamaica, bahamas, or dominican rep. If the tourist developped in haiti the other caribbean country will lose a slice on the pie, that means, this, will dig a big hole on their tourist industry.

Also one thing that I want the minister of tourist in haiti to know, is, all the tourist business we see in the caribbean doen't bebong to the jamaica, bahamas, or dominican rep. those business belong to american, asian and european countries, so to me personally when jamaican businessman visit jacmel I consider this as a spy activity to see if haiti really has the potentiality to develop tourist business.

I expect haiti to invite businessman from france, USA, canada, china, japan, because those country own all hotel restaurant, cruise chaine in the caribbean, jamaica has no power the tourist industry on it own country.

haiti should be smart enough making sure it doent't be fooled by jamaica.

Also the haitian government suppose to play it part when its come to the tourist industry in haiti, route labadie cap-haitien has to be paved, all the touristic site in haiti has to be well managed, we do not need to wait on the international to do everything for us including cleannig the street or touristic site. I m not trying to be pecimist but I think jamaica do not have the real stuff to move our tourist industry in haiti.

they are checking on us to see if we are going to be a really competitor on the tourist market in the caribbean.


Vers le développement touristique

Nous voyons de nos jours des nouvelles de la visite des Bussinessman de la Jamaique dans les différents sites...

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