Yes indeed watch the Jamaicans

Louinel Jean - April 12 2007, 8:42 PM

Wow! you could not be more accurate.

I live and Jmaica and I know for a fact that you are telling the truth.

What should make our government to belive that Jamaica has anything to offer Haiti any way. Jamaica is plagued with its own problem in the very touristic sector it is trying spy in Haiti.

We definitly have a problem.

because we seem to see our selves too often as underdogs even when we recognise our potencial.

We don't need Jamaican business men to tell us anything about tourism.They don't believe in us and they teach their children that Haiti is the worst place to take a trip at any given time around the clock.

So what's the deal with the Jmaicans.

I have people in Jamaica who even believe that we have school, most Jamaican believe that Haiti is a jungle.

It is so unfortunate that our country is not yet understood even by our own government officials.

Yes my heart grieves.

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