about keeping the street in haiti clean

Jules - April 13 2007, 5:55 PM

brother i agree with you, the government should play their role on doing that, they can also make money doing it. by charging anyone they catch throwing trash on the street.

raise the fee everytime the same offender get cought.

they dont pay in 30 days. put them in jail until they pay the fee.
while they in jail make them pick up trashes on the streets.

and any police officer get cought not enforcing the rules.

should pay the fee for the person they didn't give the ticket to. also hire some community observers to keep eyes the street.

make people whom have moldy roof paint them give them a 60 days notice before charge them a fine. and ya will see how beautiful haiti will be

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Watch out!!!!! we, haitian has to understand that no...


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