Who Wrecked Haiti?: Duvalier and U.S.

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Francois Duvalier was supported by the United States government to fight communism on its behalf for years.

Duvalier killed mulattoes and dark skinned Haitians who opposed to his regime under the umbrella of the communism causes as advanced by the United States.

As a local puppet president in terms of having administrative power to end the local elites' corruption and reforming the state of Haiti Duvalier was pleased by the United States government in his political executions against communism.

Duvalier was not a corrupted dicatator as argued by the current U.S. media.

Duvalier was labeled a dictator after he refused to discriminate the Black Haitians like the African Americans in the U.S. on behalf of the United States social Darwinism scientists'program.

Black Haitians were supposed to be homosexuals with chromosomes genes' manipulations at birth and they were supposed to develop ADT and all kinds of cardiovascular diseases like the African Americans in the U.S.

Jean-Claude Duvalier and his accolite local current elites of Haiti were responsible for corruption and money laundering in Haiti.

Jean-Claude Duvalier was well protected like his father by the United States.

Jean-Claude Duvalier was killing all people opposed to his regime and the United States approved all those political executions under the umbrella of communism.

We do not need the U.S. media now to tell us after 24 years that Duvalier was a crook.

He was a protected crook by the United States and the U.S. government was the one to provide all those stolen money to Jean-Claude Duvalier.

The United States is responsible for 50% of Haiti's territorial destruction after the fall of Duvalier.

The threat was and continues to be the U.S., for its social Darwinism racist program against Blacks in the world would never promote Haitians and Blacks'human rights worldwide and at all levels.

It is the time for the U.S. to acknowledge its wrong doing against Haiti's territorial space for destroying sugar cane plantations' diseases through fomented ecological disaster diseases to booster its sugar plantations in Dominican Republic and the black pigs which represented the peasantry's economy as well as devalorizing our educational system.

The local elites of Haiti were accomplices in the destruction of Haiti to import chemical foods from the U.S. which lowered a lot life expectancy of the Haitians in Haiti.

Haiti was a man-made disaster of the U.S., Jean-Claude Duvalier and the current local elites.

Now, we do not need the U.S. media to resurface with the old stupid issues about a regime that they supported themselves and what Haitians need at this time is this: the United States should stop destroying Haiti to booster its sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic.

The United States must stop seeing Haitians as plantations' slaves and restavek as promoted by the current local elites of Haiti.

The United States, Jean-Claude Duvalier and the current local elites of Haiti wrecked Haiti.

It is the time for the United States to apologize and come up with a better program to rebuild Haiti from the plotted fake earthquake of January 12, 2010.

Dessalines The Avenger, February 11 2010, 2:08 AM

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