You get it all wrong baby

Robert Magic - April 14 2007, 8:56 AM

The Jamaicans are 100 % black
They're watching our back
Your thinking is just wrong
Jamaicans love us to the bone

These people are pride of their color
Won't change their skin to get favor
If you're talking about real nigger
Every Jamaican remains a real brother

It's better dealing with a Jamaican
He is as serious as a real man
When he says yes to you brother
He'll put his acts together

If we can't deal with Jaimacans
Who will be our true fans?

We need them in our team
If we want to be alive in the film.

robert magic

Response to:

Wow! you could not be more accurate.I live and Jmaica...


Vers le développement touristique

Nous voyons de nos jours des nouvelles de la visite des Bussinessman de la Jamaique dans les différents sites...

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Robert I read you comment all the time on the net...

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