For 206 years, it's been a constant struggle for Haitians and...

Nadege - February 12 2010, 10:38 AM

For 206 years, it's been a constant struggle for Haitians and we must not ignore that fact.

The only Haitians that are allowing the masters to destroy Haiti is the 1% elite which aligns with the US / Canada / France / UN to make the rest of Haitian life miserable BECAUSE they want to remain on top. The elite is nothing without the international forces.

The only way to make Haiti better is to acknowledge who our enemies are, and they're currently calling themselves "Friends of Haiti."

Who are the people kidnapping and orchestrating coup d'etats on our democratically elected presidents?

Who are the people infiltrating our countries with white savior missionaries and NGO's in the name of good will?

Who are the people invading our country every year?

Without these acknowledgments, nothing will ever change.

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