Robert I spoke wit jamaicans most do not like us

New Kid On The Block - April 14 2007, 6:16 PM

Robert I read you comment all the time on the net, you are a very smart man, your ideas and mines are similars specially when it comes to improving the conditions of our country haiti, But I cannot say all jamacan hate haitian, but base on my recillection and some fo them that I've talk to, their impressions are very bad toward haitians people.

By telling me I am all wrong it is out of place, In my case I am not going to say you re all wrong.

I respect your opinion base on your experience with jamaican, I went to school with them, I dated them, I have a lot of jamaican friends.

that is not necessarily means they love haitian 100%.

One thing that I will make it clear, jamaican will not be happy to see our tourist improve in haiti, because if our tourist is good, it is going to reduce their tourist market.

So by seeing the jamaican businessman fly in haiti to check our tourist potentiality is a non sence And I repeat it again NO country in the caribbean would like to see haiti become properous.

It makes them feel important when haiti always asking them for favor for example dominican feel special because haitian always cross the line to go over there looking for food, also, cuban feel special we always asking them favor to send doctors, or send our children to their schools, bahamas always look down upon us, because haitians always fled by thousand to bahamas in searching for a better life, so by putting ourself down in front of even those who are lower than us it makes us look so BAD, BAD, BAD BAD!!!!!!!

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