You are an amazing blogger and you made me laugh while reading...

Mathieu Derisse - February 12 2010, 7:31 PM

You are an amazing blogger and you made me laugh while reading your posting, but you know it is sad to have a drunkard person runs a country like Haiti.

I refrain myself from not criticizing his regime, but I am taking notes of every move and action for later.

I do not like Coup D'Etats and I feel always sad, for we never trialed our former presidents in Haiti after 206 years of being a free country.

The exile of our presidents has been imposed upon us by foreign countries and we will never come up with a strong nation-state concept, a state rules by strong laws making it "un etat de droit."

I always feel sad due to the fact we did not trial Duvalier, Namphy, Aristide, Trouillot, Cedras, Avril and Emile Jonassaint to name a few in Haiti.

One day I believe that we will be able to do that. To avoid a chaotic situation in Haiti, I refrain myself from calling for a forced departure of the Preval's regime.

It is sad to let a drunkard person rules over us. I agree with you that he was crying not because he felt emotions toward the victims of the earthquake, but alcohol level was may be very high. You remember he said: I came to work, but they told me that I could not go inside to work. Who was he referring to?

Who were they?

That's alcohol my friend...

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