How could you be passionate about ignorance? How could anyone...

Nadege - February 13 2010, 5:10 PM

How could you be passionate about ignorance?

How could anyone justify the Duvalier regime that was responsible for the murder and terrorization of tens of thousands of Haitians?

By the way, I did not state any opinions, just the facts.

Aristide was not responsible for Haiti's economic turmoil, the US was. Jimmy Carter was sent to bribe Aristide to keep him from running for president, and he refused and also told his supporters.

The supporters threatened to necklace Carter.

When they realized Aristide's plan of moving the country forward, they cut all "aid" and imposed an embargo on the guy in order to stop the movement.

The embargo killed many people, including tens of thousands of children, and they, INCLUDING BILL CLINTON, justified it under the guise of "restoring democracy."

Aristide won and because he refused to sell out, he was removed within 8 months.

He was kidnapped in a so-called coup and brought to the US.

The so-called Aristide gangs were on the CIA's payroll.

Aristide has a country - he's Haitian, yet the Americans refuse to allow him to step foot in the country.


Because the majority of the Haitian people still revere him, and a stabilized, mobilized, and prosperous Haiti - one that was envisioned by our ancestors who fought for such, is not in their imperial interest.

Many of Lavalas members have been murdered and imprisoned only because they dared to mobilize the Haitian people to remove themselves from under the yoke of America.

Any Haitian with who wants to see Haiti move forward would join the Lavalas movement, because it is the hope of

I'm only 28 years old and it took me several years of research and stories from my family, who are staunch Lavalas supporters - who marched in Washington during the early 90's to restore Aristide back to power after the Americans coup-knapped him, to learn the truth.

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