Nadege I know that you are not talking to me. I can see that...

Tififi - February 13 2010, 5:29 PM

nadege I know that you are not talking to me. I can see that you do a lot of research.

a lot of what you say are true as well as your analysis.

However, Aristid was not good for the country.

He could do anything just to keep the power.

Aristid has his hand fool of blood on so many good volonteer that has the same vision with him to move haiti but he let money ect to name a few take over his good intention.

I was aristid supporter when I was in haiti.

do not kill yourself over aristid I leaved with people that have link to this man. you can not trust this people that come from carpentier.

the will eat you and fell sorry for your family.

especially those that come from in a section communal call "nan peirre-louis" that basically where aristid come from

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