First of all, you dumb ass. The US troops are occupying Haiti...

Nadege - February 14 2010, 1:55 AM

First of all, you dumb ass. The US troops are occupying Haiti, as they've done in 1915-1934 under martial law where 30 thousand Haitians were slaughtered and all of Haiti's funds were stolen from the Haitian national bank and transferred to New York.

Then the US left the brutal army which they trained to rule Haiti and terrorize Haitians.

Then in 1956, the US installed, armed and financed brutal dictator Francois Duvalier, who's regime lasted for 30 years thanks to his financiers.

The Haitian people FINALLY elected someone who they can trust in 1990 and he was kidnapped and sent to Washington within 8 months.

The US emposed a 2 decade old embargo on Haiti.

The US imposed economic sanctions which resulted in the death of THOUSANDS of Haitian children.

The US invaded Haiti again in 1994.

The US again kidnapped the president they kidnapped in 1991 and sent him to South Africa.

The US destroyed Haiti's agriculture and forced Haiti to import most of its rice, poultry, sugar, ect.

The US is interested in Haiti's vast natural resources, which has been kept secret while the media hacks promote Haiti as a "failed state."

The US is using this disaster to further its imperial interest.

And I do hope you're not black because after what the government did to Katrina, it's obvious the war is against black people.

I don't blame you, I blame the mis-education sytem and the communist media.

At the same time, utilize the vast resources to take educate yourself.

If it wasn't the US that terrorized Haiti for 200 freggin' years, Haiti would not have been in this condition.

The US DESTROYED Haiti under the guise of "aid," and "restoring democracy."

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