Your explanation is very clear

Robert Magic - April 15 2007, 6:11 PM

I understand your concern
And embrace your pattern
We need to be more responsibe
Some helps are unacceptable

We can't just keep begging
This is not a good feeling
The Haitians can grow food
That will change their mood

We won't have to cross the border
Dominicans won't show their anger
Haitians have to work together
Helping each brother and sister

Why are we dying in the sea?

Is it our only strategy?

We can do much more better
If we think and work harder.

It's time to embrace agriculture
It will certainly secure our future
Government should think hard about it
Because we can't survive without it

Hunger makes us take the ocean
Hunger takes us to the Dominicans
Hunger makes us fly to a new country
Agriculture is here to make us happy

We need to watch the Jamaicans
I agree with you my man
they can have good intention
We just have to pay attention

robert magic

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Robert I read you comment all the time on the net...


Vers le développement touristique

Nous voyons de nos jours des nouvelles de la visite des Bussinessman de la Jamaique dans les différents sites...

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Robert, mark, ti roger,et tous mes autres haitiens...

Robert, mark, ti roger,et tous mes autres haitiens...

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