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I'm going to bring a subject that most of my brothers don't want to hear. We haitians feel extremely good that some of us are able to speak english, french,spanish and haitian, yes i say haitian.Haiti's biggest nightmare is
classism.We have a nation of languists without any trade
All we do is begging the international community for money, food,security etc.It's about time that we realize that whithe people are not helping us, they don't help their own blacks.See what happened in New Orleans, they didn't send no rescue team when needed.

We share the island with Dominican republic, the same land and yet we
don't want to do labor work, we rather go to their country
to cut sugar cane but we won't do it home. I like to put
my haitian brothers to work, i'm dreaming about building a construction company in haiti.I'll retire in 2 years, i'll go back to haiti to help.It's urgent, diaspora,let make Haiti our retirement home, it'll be cheap and we'll contribute to our country

Llyod, April 16 2007, 7:01 PM

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Les radio stations jouent de la musique Sans enseigner au pauple nulle pratique Le media doit etre une voie... read more >
Robert Magic, 17-Apr-07 2:45 am
Its true, what you said about us the Haitians, we do have this classism that need to put to rest,and move on to bigger... read more >
Fabie, 17-Apr-07 2:45 pm
Classism has nothing to do with Haiti It stays our own way of having fantasy Smoking and drinking might be for others... read more >
Robert Magic, 17-Apr-07 9:00 pm
Our miseducation is responsible for the atmosphere of dependence that is existing in our country.We are still living... read more >
Zabelboc, 18-Apr-07 12:21 pm
There is no racism in Haiti Color, not a problem in my country Mulatoes and negroes get together They are married to... read more >
Robert Magic, 18-Apr-07 4:00 pm
The university's students in Haiti before F Duvaliers were mostly mulatoes,They are responsible for our country... read more >
Zabelboc, 19-Apr-07 7:21 pm
On ne fait que diffuser de la culture etrangere "rap music,anchera.On veut plus promoter la musique haitienne.Les... read more >
Zabelboc, 19-Apr-07 8:44 pm
You better stop complaining What you've said has no meaning Mulatoes are responsible for nothing More than negroes... read more >
Robert Magic, 19-Apr-07 9:55 pm
La culture haitienne doit etre diffusee Pas mal de nos musiciens sont ignores Reginald Polycard et Boulot valcourt... read more >
Robert Magic, 19-Apr-07 11:26 pm
Zabel I am blaming you. Because if you heard something like that you should have murdered him. You should have spilled... read more >
Boiling In Texas, 20-Apr-07 1:00 pm
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