What Happened To The People Working In The Palace?

Nadege - February 17 2010, 9:32 PM

What happened to the people working in the palace?

Why didn't they look for bodies there, but did so at other high profile places like the Hotel Montana and the Cathedral?

If the palace was empty at the time the earthquake struck, then why?

My uncle worked at the palace for years before he retired, and I know there had to be possibly hundreds of people working there are the time the earthquake struck.

Anyone heard anything about that?

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Yeswecan says...

I doubt that there are bodies under the rubble at the national palace if there were any to begin with. Foreign... more »

Nadege says...

In other words, the palace was evacuated before the earthquake? I'm confused. Anyone who knows Haiti knows that... more »

Yeswecan says...

In all likelihood, the palace was evacuated after the earthquake. Eventhough the palace is badly damaged, notice that... more »