haiti is back on the map.

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My name is Saint-Pierre living in the USA and currently enlisted in the military.

I am very proud of you as being president of Haiti.

Haiti has been back in the international map. The country has been waiting for a very long time for a trully leader who understands the sacrifices made by our ancestors to give us the freedom.

I trully believe that you are the right person to lead us to a new beginning.

The result of the stability we are enjoying in the community politic because of you Mr. the President constitutes the outstanding job our national athletes have been doing in the international world.

You represent us superbly well and you give us back our identity.

I would definitely proudly serve in Haiti at this moment.

Thank you Mr. Preval for the outstanding job you are doing.

Saint-pierre P., April 18 2007, 8:55 PM

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