Why Haiti Was Bankrupt Under Aristide

Nadege - February 22 2010, 4:49 PM

Since no one wants to believe me, believe the Americans who clearly admitted that the Haitian economy was in shambles because of the embargo the US placed upon the country as a way to dismantle Lavalas

I think Haitians who truly want to see Haiti advance should work towards pushing forward the grassroots Lavalas movement - the one the US / France / Canada despise so much, hence their reasons for sending the UN to terrorize Lavalas supporters, specifically the poor, by way of murder and intimidation.


I recommend you guys watch the whole thing.

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Ass says...

Nadege I really respect your opinion on this blog but there are a lot of facts that you do not know. Aristid was the... more »

Dessalines The Avenger says...

Stupid ass, we do not want to hear those BS blaming over and over. Blame your elites and not the former presidents... more »

Linda says...

Dessaline the Adv., you missing the principle argument... Yes, the elite is to blame, but the elite would not be able... more »

Nadege says...

ASS: I suggest you please rethink what you're saying because it doesn't make much sense.. Aristide called for an ARMS... more »

Nadege says...

The Haitian rulers who don't align with the elite get overthrown. Case in point, Aristide. The US Government aligns... more »

Pierre F. Lherisson says...

The "Haitian"business elite in cahoot with multinational corporations is the cause of Haiti political instability and... more »