Mr haiti was the 1st in the caribean in the 80's under baby...

As - February 23 2010, 12:58 AM

mr haiti was the 1st in the caribean in the 80's under baby doc. the same way you see jamaican todays.

I remimber being a teen where there was 2 cruises every week skyward and bohem on mondays and thursday.

when royal caribean try to go to haiti on these days there was no place for it. that is why labadee is labadee today.

then royal caribean lease labadee.

but labadee was always a big beach where tourist used to go. Baby doc was doing a good job keeping haiti clean.

My food used to fall on the floor and I used to pick it up just to let you know how haiti was clean.

haiti started to fall up apart and become what it is todays when baby doc left.that is why when people talk about baby doc I ask them what he supposed to do.that is when people talk shit about hait I proudly to said I come from haiti in the 80's.haiti will be back the same way it used to be. there is a lot of work that is being done now. I wish that the miners will try to be more generous in their profits so haiti can used those profit for development.

in the other hands most of the money that the international community are giving to haiti go to organizations like ong care ect. then the goverment receiced very little that one of the reasons haiti is so dirty.

the government can not pay its employers.

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