back at you Zabelboc

Robert Magic - April 19 2007, 9:55 PM

You better stop complaining
What you've said has no meaning
Mulatoes are responsible for nothing
More than negroes, they use their brain

Our middle class remains helpless
Each person is a prince or princess
They keep walking around all day long
Like they do not see anything wrong

Don't point fingers at anybody
Learn how to face the reality
Mulatoes are part of our society
Not responsible for our poverty

They brought businesses in the city
Build up beautiful homes in the country
Most of them move to Canada and France
The problems come from our inexperience

We need to learn how to build houses
How to grow more food around the cities
Teach our kids the love of plantation
Involve each social class in action

The government should come with a plan
A mulato is just a normal citizen
He cannot really oppress anybody
You need to change your mentality

Raoul Cedras was not the only one
Prosper Avril burnt us with the sun
Roger Lafontant was a terrible man
Negroes are not really our fan

The army is responsible for our misery
These guys just destroy our destiny
A president could not stay for five years
Most Haitian presidents live with fears

Preval will not know a coup d'etat
The army is out there eating caca
For the people who want the army
They remain our worst ennemy

Washington can say whatever
Don't take it serious brother
They are trying to divide us
Do not approve their trust

Mulatoes and Negroes get together
Our country will be much better
Don't listen to any outside voice
We believe in our own choice

robert magic

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